Are you about to go through a divorce?

At Chameleon, we are here to help you and your family approach your divorce and subsequent life change intelligently and practically. You’ve probably been wondering for a long time, “How will this affect my children?”  

Let’s be realistic: badly.


But be smart about it. No matter how much resentment there may be between you and your partner, you have to remember that you are still a parenting team. You will always have that bond. Use it to empower your children, so that they may not have to end up enduring the hardships that you now have.

Provide your children with a fantastic model of how to handle traumatic life events effectively. What an opportunity to teach them a valuable skill – That’s parenting!

So, you’ve made your decision – What now?

First things first – Divorce Counselling

We’re not here to fix your marriage. You’ve decided what’s happening, let’s make the best of a difficult decision. Divorce counselling offers couples the opportunity to say goodbye to each other in a positive way. There have been many difficulties, let’s honour the time you have had together and encourage each other in our separate paths.

If you are parents, some of your paths are still intertwined, and this is a beautiful thing. Do everything possible to keep your children feeling unconditionally loved and safe. If your child shows signs that they are struggling with the changes - get them into play therapy as soon as possible. Play therapy is a great tool in helping kids to sort through their feelings in a difficult situation.

Still stuck in trying to decide?

My mentor, Psychologist Samantha Holle taught me that for children, there are four prizes in their parents’ relationship status:

First Prize: A good marriage

Second Prize: A good divorce (Contact Chameleon Now!)

Third Prize: A bad divorce

Last Place: A bad marriage

This small pearl of wisdom cleared a lot for me; I hope it does the same for you.