Life is a masked ball.

We all wear masks, it’s a natural safety mechanism for adjusting to our chaotic lives. I have a mask for each of the most important areas of my life. I wear a mommy mask at home, a therapist mask at work, and a brave-girl mask at kung fu. Around friends and family, it’s safe to remove the mask, relax, and be yourself with those who love and appreciate you for you.

But what happens when our masks become blurred

Where we don’t know where the pretence ends, and where we begin?

Think about the word I used when I described dropping the mask… “relax”. If we are relaxed when just being truly ourselves, does that not imply that wearing our masks makes us a little bit tense?

For some people, not ever feeling like they are able to remove their masks can cause huge psychological issues. Chronic anxiety being the most prevalent, but also irritability, depression, and loneliness.

I challenge you to take some time out, sit down and MAKE the mask you wear most. That’s right, I’m saying create a physical representation of the mask you wear. Especially if you feel that it is difficult to remove the mask when you’re around those you love.

You can draw it, paint it, cut out magazine pictures, anything you want.

The point is to externalise the mask so that YOU can see the difference between what characteristics that define your mask, and those that are truly you.

Send a picture of the mask to us and we’ll post it anonymously for you.