We’re honestly not sure who we’re talking to here:

We hope we’re talking to teenagers, because this is who these workshops are catered for. But most likely, we’re talking to parents of teens. And that’s okay. Because we want parents to know that there is a place they can send their teenagers to learn life skills that they aren’t going to learn at school.

It’s not therapy. So you can tell your son or daughter that they’re not getting sent away to be analysed by a shrink. There’s nothing wrong with them. This is a self-improvement programme, and the Chameleon team are here to look after thriving individuals as well as those with some troubles. Looking back I wish I had these skills in my toolkit knowing the life events and experiences I’ve since had.

The first workshop is all about Setting Boundaries! This does not mean we’re going to give your teens the whole “say no to drugs” repertoire. This workshop deals with the most personal and seemingly insignificant areas of your teen’s life. We’re talking family relationships, friendship circles, school work, socialisation, life management. Anything that the modern day teenager experiences.


We are not saying we know what it’s like to be adolescent in this day and age; in fact,we’re hoping to learn a few things from the attendees. But we do know how to teach adolescents to manage their stresses effectively, without the emotional turmoil. 

Teens, if you are reading this, and we hope you are, let us tell you why this workshop is for you:

Problems, we think, teens are experiencing:

  • Parental pressures to achieve  
  • Parental pressures to be like your parents
  • Emotionally abusive friends (we all have at least one)  
  • Controlling boyfriends!!! 
  • Psychological bullying (anyone can throw a punch, it’s the mind games that are difficult to deal with)
  • Managing schoolwork, home life, social networking (you gotta be connected) – and finding the time to just be YOU!

We may be wrong – and we’d appreciate it if you could come on down and tell us exactly where we’re wrong. You don’t have to share, or participate. Just listening to what we and others have to say will help. 

Book your spot today! You can find the online booking info here. We will be running these workshops every second weekend from the 4th August 2012. If you're still not sure, please drop me a line and I can give you more information or ease your concerns. 

Hope to see you there.