School Readiness Testing

Your child is old enough for school; why doesn’t that mean he’s ready for school? I’m sure the answer to that is obvious when you look at the vast difference between those children excelling in grade 1 and those who are struggling to keep their grasp on the work content.

I’m certainly not saying that we should keep our children back until they have acquired the skills to perform in Grade 1. The concept of School Readiness Testing is often wildly misinterpreted. (And who can blame those misinterpreting it? The name alone suggests that we’re going to tell you that you can or can’t send your child to school next year.)

It’s this concept that I would like to clear up.

The test used here at Chameleon Play Therapy Centre is called the Aptitude Test for School Beginners (ASB). It consists of 8 subtests, each measuring a different aspect of cognitive functioning which is important for school readiness. All the tests consist of pictures, so the ability to read is not a prerequisite. The directions are given orally. The ability to concentrate on, understand and carry out oral instructions is therefore necessary for success in all the tests.

What this describes is a test that will give you an indication of what kind of school to put your children in, what level of functioning you can expect from your children for the first year of school, and, most importantly, an idea of your child’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to schoolwork.

All these factors can then be taken into consideration in order for families to create a supportive study programme catering specifically to their child’s needs.

This is the best chance your child will have to truly excel at their own level of functioning.

At Chameleon, we don’t just test your child. We offer post assessment supportive counselling, where parents and therapist can sit together and work out what is best for our little school-goer. Chameleon prides itself on maintaining an ongoing, supportive relationship with the families that come through its doors.

Am I ready for big school, Mom?

Bookings are still open for this weekend’s Group ASB testing day at Chameleon Play Therapy.
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Choosing the Right School for Your Child

Based on the results of School Readiness Testing, parents are better equipped to choose the right school for their child. It is best to make your decision based on several factors:

  1. The first, of course, being the school’s reputation. Talk to the parents of children currently attending the school. If parents are happy with their child’s school, they are usually more than happy to sing its praises. (I know I do.) You know exactly what special attention your child needs, so ask questions related specifically to this.
  2. A very important factor when deciding is understanding the role of the teachers. Your child will be spending a great deal of their time with their new teacher in the next year, possibly even more time than they spend with you. It is so imperative that your child has a good relationship with their teachers, as this promotes an unthreatening environment for the child to raise their concerns.
Children are more likely to tell a teacher that they don’t understand something if they know the teacher will provide unconditional acceptance and support in response. Talk to the Grade 1 teachers at the school before deciding to put your child in their care. Parents, this is definitely the time to use your “gut feelings” – you will know if your child is in good hands or not.

Do you have any concerns that we haven't covered in this article? Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts and feelings about sending your child to school.