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Why You Should Test Your Child

Posted by Chameleon on Tuesday, October 2, 2012, In : Mental Health Musings 
School Readiness Testing

Your child is old enough for school; why doesn’t that mean he’s ready for school? I’m sure the answer to that is obvious when you look at the vast difference between those children excelling in grade 1 and those who are struggling to keep their grasp on the work content.

I’m certainly not saying that we should keep our children back until they have acquired the skills to perform in Grade 1. The concept of School Readiness Testing is often wildly misinterpreted. ...
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Am I Ready For Big School, Mom?

Posted by Chameleon on Friday, September 14, 2012, In : Mental Health Musings 
It's around this time of year when you may start anticipating your little treasure starting "big school". I'm sure you are looking forward to 2013 with joy and anxiety as your child begins a new chapter of their life.

But what if you are worried that your monkey isn’t ready to cope with the academic stressors that this new milestone may bring? School readiness assessments help shed light on how ready your preschooler is to face the challenges that mainstream school has to offer.

Is your presc...

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