Yep, that’s what I said people. Being a teenager is not easy. I wouldn’t choose to back and relive those days of my youth, even with all the knowledge that I have now.

Why do I say this?

I can name 3 reasons…

1.    Your body does weird stuff.

It’s ridiculous – right about the time that you can start spreading your wings in this world, you body decides it’s time to change. Uncontrollable rampaging hormones surge through your body with little concern as to how this is going to affect you. Skin problems, weight problems, height problems, reproductive changes, I could go on… It seriously curbs your enthusiasm to function in any setting that involves school and family life.

2.    Let’s just harp on that school issue for a minute.

The workload in high school is phenomenal, and the amount of homework you are given these days is just plain evil. Teens are pretty much forced to focus on school continually, academically or extracurricularly. It takes up your afternoons, evenings and often your weekends.  It can be a frickin' nightmare at times. You’re so busy with school work, you have little time to think about what work you want to do when you’re finally out of school. And yet your parents are always on your case about what subjects to choose, or which university you’re going to.
Who has time to think about the real world?

3.    Parents. Full Stop.

They just don’t understand. It’s a very dim memory for them what being a teen was like, and since then, everything has changed anyway. Feeling misunderstood by the people you feel should 'get you' the most is hard. Even if you have a great relationship with your parents, it is most likely to be put to the test during your adolescence.

Photo from the movie Dazed and Confused.

The point of this blog post is really just to get the message across that we at Chameleon know what you're going through. We understand the conflicting urges, societal pressures and the emotions you may be feeling.

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