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At Chameleon Play Therapy we strive to provide our young patients with the ability to adapt to their environment, embrace their uniqueness, and regulate their feelings.

Just like chameleons.

Why chameleons? For example, they are an excellent example of self-regulation that occurs in nature. In particular, chameleons are extraordinary little creatures… the odd little shining stars of the lizard world when you look at their design features. They’ve got superhero vision because of their ‘swivelly’ eyes. In addition, they’ve got salad-tong shaped feet that help them navigate their leafy environment. Coupled with this, they are also remarkably adaptable and have exceptional colour changing ability (metachrosis). Subsequently, these features form part of their extensive non-verbal communication toolkit.

In short, chameleons have keen perceptive abilities and are completely at one with themselves and their emotions – fully integrated body, mind and heart.

In summary, they do not lose their tails when faced with a crisis. Chameleons are cautious within themselves and their surroundings. And, they know how to express themselves without becoming aggressive.

These traits are all a parent could hope to instil in their child. Chameleon Play Therapy is the place you can take your child for them to learn how they can do all of this for themselves.


At Chameleon Play Therapy we offer therapeutic and counselling services for children and families. Read more about our Services.


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