Chameleon Play Therapy

Does your child struggle with rejection or depression?

Does your child struggle with expressing their emotions?

Is your child being bullied at school?

Is your child struggling to cope with divorce or the death of a family member?

Is your child having difficulty dealing with the COVID pandemic?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions then you are at the right place! At Chameleon Play Therapy your children’s mental health comes first. We strive to provide our young patients with the ability to adapt to their environment, embrace their uniqueness, and regulate their feelings. Just like chameleons !

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a proven therapeutic modality that allows children to grow, learn, heal, and thrive.

Mobile Play Therapist

Our practice offers mobile play therapy for schools around the North of Johannesburg.

Kids Craft Therapy

Kids Craft Therapy is a therapeutic arts and crafts programme designed for preschoolers.

Why Chameleons?

In short, besides having perceptive abilities they do not lose their tails when faced with a crisis. They are cautious within themselves, their surroundings, and they know how to express themselves without becoming aggressive. Which directly corresponds with our mission and end goal four our little aspiring chameleons.


We at Chameleon Theraphy believe that these are traits that a parent could possibly instill in their child. By giving your child the opportunity to have an experience at our Chameleon Play Therapy facility, you will be providing them with the knowledge on how they can adapt to the abilities of a chameleon to further better themselves.


Owner and Registered Counseller, Brenda Leemans, has written her first of books in a series designed to instill self-esteem and coping skills in young children. Follow the story of Connor Chameleon, and soon his friends, and help your child develop the resilience needed in this world we’re in today.

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