Brenda Leemans Child Counsellor

“Children are chameleons that reflect the colours of their environment.”

Meet Brenda


Brenda Leemans, registered counsellor at Chameleon Play Therapy, offers play therapy and mobile play therapy services. She is an experienced counsellor with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry. Subsequently, she has a deep passion for working with children, giving them emotional tools to navigate their lives. Particularly, paying attention to the challenges that children face in this day and age. 

As a result, she is skilled in Child Psychology, Family Therapy and Parental Coaching. Brenda is a strong community and social services professional with a Hons BA focused in Psychology from University of South Africa/Universiteit van Suid-Afrika. 

Above all, Brenda loves what she does and finds helping her young patients extremely rewarding. When she is not seeing patients at her practice she is visiting schools as a Mobile Play Therapist and runs her Kids Craft Therapy programme. Brenda, a doting mom, prioritises her family above all else and also volunteers her time at her local Scouts troop as Kaa. 

“I went into psychology because the thought of helping others through the challenges they face was appealing to me.”


University of South Africa / Universiteit van Suid Afrika
Hons BA Psychology


  • Family Therapy
  • Child Psychology
  • Psychological Screening
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Parental Coaching
  • Trauma Counselling


  • Chameleon Play Therapy (Private Practice)
  • Knights Preparatory School (School Counsellor)
  • Arwyp Medical Centre (Trauma Counsellor)
  • CL Education (Psychology Tutor)