Kids Craft Therapy


Kids Craft Therapy is a therapeutic arts and crafts programme designed for preschoolers. Through the use of art, children in groups can express their feelings, both positive and negative. This all happens in a safe and non-judgemental environment at the schools or our rooms. We’ve found that children gain invaluable tools such as insight, empathy and social skills.

Each session is supervised by a qualified child therapist and guided by the goal of nurturing children’s emotional well-being. Therefore, the underlying goal is to assist in healing for past traumas. So, each session has its own craft project theme where the focus is on the process and not necessarily the outcome.

As each child works on their project and completes it they gain confidence and self-esteem through their work, on their own. In addition, the theme of each project is designed to assist the child on a deeper level, and gives them the tools needed in order to grow. They are also given the necessary tools and a safe space in order to process any challenges they may be facing in their world.